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Factors affecting electroplating process of rectangular tube

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1. Zinc content: the higher the zinc purity of the zinc block is, the narrower the bright range is, the thicker the coating is for automobile plate, and the iron content in the coating of square rectangular tube is also lower; When the purity of zinc block is too low, its bright range will be wider, and it will take longer time to reach the specified zinc layer thickness, which will lead to high iron content in zinc coating.

2. Sodium hydroxide: sodium hydroxide has double effects on the reaction. When its content is too high, it is easy to coke during high temperature operation; When its content is too low, the dispersion ability of the solution is poor, which will reduce the quality of zinc layer.

3. Iron content: when the iron content is too high, there will be more iron in the coating, which will lead to insufficient brightness of passivation film of rectangular tube products; Too low iron content will lead to low iron content in zinc coating, reduce the corrosion resistance of automobile plate, and cause olive color on the surface of automobile plate.

 Rectangular Pipe

4. Brightener: at present, more brighteners are composed of zf-100a and zf-100b. If the concentration of the former is too high, the brittleness of the coating will be enhanced, and if the concentration is too low, the coating in the low current area will be sparse and uneven passivation will occur.

5. Temperature: too high temperature in electroplating process will lead to the decrease of solution dispersion ability, increase of iron content in the coating and uneven passivation; However, when the reaction temperature is too low, the high current density region is easy to be charred, and the coating is brittle and the deposition rate is slow.

6. Cathode moving speed: the cathode must be kept in the moving state during the electroplating process of rectangular tube. If the moving speed is too fast, the coating in the high current density area will be rough during the electroplating process; However, if the moving speed is too slow, air flow may be generated, resulting in uneven coating.

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