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Advantages of seamless rectangular tube application

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In the past, external type heat exchangers were often used in medium pressure boilers to control steam parameters. Because of the limited fluctuation of the original plan, the continued existence of superheated steam temperature often becomes the limiting factor for the change of boiler fuel and operation method. In order to increase the temperature control of the external desuperheater, FH type seamless square tube desuperheater, also known as the tunnel tube desuperheater. This will provide an excellent temperature drop.

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PVC-C single wall seamless rectangular tube not only has high flame retardancy, higher VICAN temperature, higher volume resistivity, higher strength and smaller friction coefficient. It also has winding and winding functions, which greatly facilitates storage, transportation, stacking and construction. The number of joints has also been greatly reduced: 166 nodes for LKM straight pipe and 10 nodes for PVC-C seamless square pipe. It not only saves the cost of inspection and connection, but also greatly improves the safety and reliability of buried power pipe. The quality of pipe fittings is light, the construction is convenient, and the induction cost is not high.

HDPE plastic seamless rectangular pipe is made according to the characteristics of seamless rectangular pipe, with light texture, high strength, good wear resistance, convenient laying, low water resistance, low cost, corrosion resistance and other advantages. Its function and economic benefits far exceed the standard of reinforced concrete pipe and general iron pipe. It is the substitute product of engineering pipeline.

In the heat transfer planning of metallurgy and petrochemical industries, there are many kinds of heat exchangers, but the traditional heat exchangers have some defects, such as poor heat transfer, difficult cleaning, dirt and heat resistance, which can not meet the needs of customers. According to the seamless rectangular tube throat, the seamless rectangular tube heat exchanger has the advantages of good heat transfer function, convenient cleaning, small thermal resistance of dust and compact structure.

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