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Keep the total area of anode larger than the total area of plating parts

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The total anode area here refers to the sum of zinc plate and insoluble anode. If the total area is small, the anode current density will be too high and the zinc plate surface will be passivated. After passivation, a layer of blue black oxide film is formed on the surface of hot-dip galvanized zinc sheet, which leads to a sharp decrease in conductivity. At this time, the current will decrease and the voltage will increase significantly. In this case, take out the zinc plate, wash it with clean water and then etch it with hydrochloric acid (31). After bubbles come out, wash it with water. In order to prevent the recurrence of hot dip galvanizing, several insoluble anode plates should be added to increase the total area.

1. Pay attention to the washing between working procedures

Each process should be cleaned as much as possible to minimize the number of people with each other. After a process, the hanger should be immersed in hydrochloric acid to remove the zinc coating. Secondly, remove the chromate passivation solution (hexavalent chromium can be washed away in hydrochloric acid).

2 regular treatment and filtration of plating solution

Zinc powder and activated carbon are best used to treat the plating solution: 1 ~ 2 GL activated carbon is added and stirred for 1 h, and then the plating solution is filtered out into the standby tank. Then add 1 ~ 2 GL zinc powder, stir strongly for 1 h, and filter back to hot dip galvanizing bath. Conditional once a month. Do not wait until the plating solution is out of order.

3. It's better to add strips to the anode case for anode plate

In order to reduce the anode mud into the person, do not wrap too thick, otherwise it will make the voltage rise.

4. Remove the plating parts falling into the tank

The plated parts falling into the trough should be fished out in time. In order to reduce the entry of iron ions.

Electroplating production is a dynamic process: the solution of various processes cross each other; Consumption and removal of various components in hot dip galvanizing solution; The quality of the operator caused by the lack of bath maintenance and other reasons will reflect the quality of the coating.

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