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Treatment of galvanized steel pipe

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The modern hot-rolled galvanized strip process is developed by Sendzimir process, which is similar to the zinc plating process of cold-rolled strip.

The main process of the process treatment of this kind of galvanized steel pipe includes: appearance preparation, hot dip galvanizing, scraping off excess zinc liquid, cooling and post-treatment. These processes must be carried out at a constant strip speed, which must be maintained between a certain maximum and minimum value. The minimum speed is higher than the downward flow speed of zinc liquid on the strip steel, and the maximum speed is determined according to the air knife scrubbing parameters. The parameters include coating thickness, zinc liquid viscosity and air flow parameters. In order to ensure the quality of strip steel, chemical treatment and heat treatment are needed. At that time, the strip must be properly prepared for appearance according to the feeding conditions. This can be accomplished by cleaning, pickling, preheating and hydrogen as the final surface restoration treatment. Preheating is carried out in gas heating furnace or induction heating furnace. The best function of zinc coating can be obtained by immersing the strip steel whose temperature is 30 ℃ higher than the bath temperature into the galvanizing bath. Since hot rolled strip does not require high temperature annealing, the cooling section before the zinc pot can be cancelled.

Because the processing of galvanized steel pipe can save a lot of power, so induction furnace with good adaptability can be used. This kind of heating furnace can better meet the requirements of "start-up and shutdown" operation, so the production can be adjusted immediately according to the changing market situation, which is economical and feasible.

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