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corporate culture

corporate culture



"Yu" means concealment, "reason" is truth, "Shuai" means commander-in-chief, and "Qi" means temperament and emotion. The main idea of these four words is: to use the inner "reason" to control thoughts and feelings. In the autumn of crisis, Chiang Ching Kuo mentioned that on his 40th birthday, Chiang Kai Shek had given him a plaque with the words "reasonable and handsome". Chiang Kai Shek said that he "recited Mencius' chapter of" Nourishing Qi "in his evening class every day... And he often played with the word" nature "to preserve one's mind and cultivate one's nature‘ It's silent and tasteless, but it's empty and tiny. It's the most kind, and it's reasonable and handsome. " It's self admonition; The word "Yu" is used to express the meaning of "Yu", which is deeply understood and cited as self-evident but not daring to show others... ". Chiang Kai Shek also wrote for Chiang Ching Kuo the eight words "respect and establish the pole, and follow the nature of nature". Chiang Ching Kuo was determined to "cultivate and govern affairs in the future, which will be the criterion.".

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